30 activities for any Depth of Knowledge level

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge model is a useful tool for evaluating our lessons. What are the best strategies or activities to help students at each DOK level? Here are lots of ideas.

Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge model can help teachers create learning opportunities that hit a variety of complexity levels. It is a framework for evaluating the level of complex thinking required to complete a task. The framework consists of four levels.

  • DOK level 1: Recall. What is the knowledge? Who? What? When? Where?
  • DOK level 2: Skill/concept. How can the knowledge be used? How can you arrive at the answer?
  • DOK level 3: Strategic thinking. Why does it happen the way it does? How/why could the knowledge be used?
  • DOK level 4: Extended thinking. How else could you use the knowledge? What can you design, develop, do with it?

This DOK model provide us with a guide as we develop lessons that create opportunities for complex thinking. And it is a useful tool for evaluating the level of rigor we are adding to our lessons.

But we don’t need to be at level 4 all of the time.

In his article Using Webb’s Depth of Knowledge to Increase Rigor, Gerald Aungst states, “DOK levels are not sequential. Students need not fully master content with Level 1 tasks before doing Level 2 tasks. In fact, giving students an intriguing Level 3 task can provide context and motivation for engaging in the more routine learning at Levels 1 and 2.”

So how do we provide opportunities for students to complete tasks at all DOK levels? And what are the best strategies and activities at each?

In a recent #Ditchbook chat, we asked the community to share their best strategies or activities to help students at each DOK level. And once again they came through!

Scroll down to find 30 activities for ANY Depth of Knowledge level! Also, be sure to check out this Wakelet collection to see the entire chat.

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30 activities for any DOK level

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